There was an idea...

The story started two and a half years ago. Our little son just saw the light of day. We actually had the idea of trading with toys before he was born, but it was never the right time to implement it. It passed two great and turbulent years, we spent a lot of time with our son. So the idea had to wait for now. But the idea never was gone. Too big was and is the enthusiasm for beautiful toys.

Originally planned was a mixture of stationary trade and online shop. Specifically, the plans were made in May 2018, and gradually implemented in the following months. Since the 01.06.2019 we totally focus on the online distribution.

Our business philosophy

My wife and I follow a simple philosophy to offer our little customers great toys. Customer satisfaction is in the foreground. We currently have two French manufacturers on offer, the Djeco and Moulin Roty brands. Both companies have a long tradition, produce high quality toys and have corresponding quality standards.

The birth of the little frog

What set us a great challenge was finding a good company name. To tell the truth, we were having a really hard time until the phone rang on a really nice day. Our best man called us when he was taking a longer drive on which he had the following idea. He remembered that my wife and I often call our son the little frog. We actually do that more often, more or less unconsciously, at least we were really satisfied about his idea.

Now the right logo had to be added. Now it was getting tricky again. But here my wife and I shared the creative work. My wife created a beautiful frog head, I passed him the personal touch: a funny wide nose, based on a certain children's toys from my childhood.

So we finally got a cute name for the shop that always reminds us of our "little frog", as well as a cute logo that looks happy and spreads a good mood. We hope you like the name and logo as much as we do, now you know the small but beautiful story that hides behind them.

We hope you enjoy browsing our online shop "The Little Frog".


your family Ehlert